Recovery Is Essential

The hardest, fastest, most intense workout in the world is only as good as your ability to recovery from it. Recovery is an essential part of getting better, so it should be included in your plan. I don’t mean simply scheduling recovery days (life tends to provide those for you anyways). What I mean is becoming intentional about your down time. Set aside a time and place to hit reset. It might help to utilize these tools below!

Get Cooking

These are the cookbooks that I have, use, and recommend to all my athletes. Learning how to not only fuel yourself properly, but ENJOY fueling yourself properly is a vastly underestimated skill. Not only does it benefit you, but it can also bring athletes, friends, and family together. We gather for meals all the time, why not make them intentional?

Set it and forget it…(kinda)

Using crock pots and rice makers has singlehandedly made my nutrition better and more time efficient. There are several crock pot recipes out there (Pinterest is a fantastic resource here) and I am uploading more recipes all the time. Check out the ones I use below:

Go With The Flow

Yoga is a unique training methodology that strengthens and lengthens the muscle and fascia throughout the body. It enables us to integrate our movements more effectively, as well as helps us tune in to what its really going on. Too many athletes neglect what their bodies are telling them and increase the risk of injury and overuse in the process. Athletes also tend to be inflexible in their thinking as well as their bodies, trying to force themselves into postures they aren’t ready for because the instructor told them (talking mainly about myself when I first started). Using the tools below is the best way to deepen your practice and increase sport performance.

The Ultimate Pain Cave

Want to feel like Batman? Try this set up. I highly recommend the Dyson fan as a way to both cool down during intense workouts and heat up when training for hot races.

Pool Toys

The swim is all about form. Most triathletes have a strong enough engine but lack efficiency in the water. Here are some great pool toys to help develop your powerful form and make workouts more engaging and fun: