Imagine crossing the finish line of your next race; running down that final straightaway with the deafening cheers of the crowd as you throw your arms up in celebration. You’ve just achieved victory. Maybe it’s over all the people in your age group and you’ve punched your ticket to Kona. Maybe you crushed that standard and you’re Boston bound. Maybe you set a personal record! Or maybe you’re simply better than the old you, the one that was held back by a lack of belief more than anything else. In all cases, when you cross that finish line you feel that immense satisfaction that you’ve taken another huge leap closer to your potential. 

I coach in order to help you get that feeling; to ignite your imagination about what is possible so that you can strive forward, and in doing so, inspire those around you to do the same. The way that I do that is through the power of sport and movement. By using a detailed approach that zooms in on the process but also zooms out to keep perspective, my goal is to give you the guidance and the tools to make the most out of your training and perform your best on race day.

Although I believe great coaches don’t necessarily have to be great athletes (or even athletes at all), I do believe in practicing what I preach. By implementing and using my own training method and strategies, I was fortunate enough to qualify for and compete in the 70.3 World Championships 2018 in South Africa. Not only was this an incredible opportunity to race with the best of the best, but also to see and explore the world through the lens of sport.

So, the question becomes, how far can sport take you and how many people will you inspire on your journey?

Happy Training,



Griffin Jaworski is an Ironman Certified coach, a 200hr RYT yoga instructor, and an athlete on a mission to cultivate a community that pushes their limits and laughs often, and strives to make the most out of life.

When he is not coaching or teaching yoga you can find him in the pool, on Zwift, on the trails, on his yoga mat, or sipping coffee somewhere in Des Moines, IA.


“Hard things take time. Impossible things take a little longer” - Percy Cerutty