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Customize your hydration to meet your exact needs with Infinit.

This company is truly innovative, allowing you to carefully select what goes into your hydration mix so you can prepare for your individual events. 

COMPETE Training Journal (Believe Training Journal)
By Lauren Fleshman, Roisin McGettigan-Dumas
Believe Training Journal (Classic Red, Updated Edition)
By Lauren Fleshman, Roisin McGettigan-Dumas

Training Journal

I recommend a two-pronged approach to tracking your training. One is through a Training Peaks premium account, where you can track your fatigue levels, fitness levels, and a variety of other useful metrics very easily. The other is a physical training journal. I recommend one designed by professional athletes and sports psychologist. If you are super serious about hitting PRs then choose the Compete Journal, and if you want inspiration and motivation then choose the Believe Journal.  



Four Sigma Foods

Reishi Tea

Reishi is a super powerful relaxing mushroom. I personally use this the night before races if I am overly anxious because it helps me chill out and it tastes amazing. If you don't want the chocolatey taste there is also plain Reishi powder you can add to smoothies and shakes. It just so happens I also have a coupon code for 10% off if you use the button below! You can also use the image on the left for Amazon.

Epsom Salt 

Epsom salt baths are great for relaxing and recovering from hard workouts. When dissolved in hot water the magnesium can be absorbed through the pores, plus the warm water can help with blood flow. 

For a super spa-like boost you can add Lavender essential oil! I get mine from DoTerra, which you can find here.

Natural Calm Magnesium 

If you don't want to take a bath all the time, you can also drink it. My favorite is Natural Calm because it tastes amazing (this is a theme, I love being healthy but it HAS to taste good). 

I am partial to the raspberry-lemon flavor, and there is also an option that includes calcium.

New Mood

This powerful formula from Onnit is my go-to if I need to bring out the big guns. If I have to try to sleep on a plane or drank a couple shots of espresso late at night then it is New Mood to the rescue. 

Coconuts have made a comeback. I put a tablespoon (well, I don't exactly measure it anymore) in my coffee EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. Somedays I go full on Bulletproof if I am feeling like I need the boost for a long training session. But aside from coffee, this is a non-negotiable for me.

I prefer Onnit MCT Oil because they have emulsified version, which mixes well in all types of drinks and they have great flavors. I also have used Bulletproof Brain Octane as well. 

Cordyceps is a mushroom that may naturally boost performance. I make sure I pack Cordyceps coffee whenever I travel and add the plain Cordyceps to my smoothies after intense workouts. 

While you are at Foursigmatic (link on the left) check out their other options that contain Cordyceps. 


You can find calcium basically everywhere. I tend to get mine through sources like almond milk.

Stronium is the lesser known cousin of calcium that is also heavily present in bones. I typically cycle on and off between Stronium and Calcium since they compete for absorption. 

Vitamin D3 Spray

There is a strong correlation between bone development and vitamin D. This spray from Onnit is great because it is in MCT oil and Vitamin D is fat soluble.

Of course, the best way to get Vitamin D is from direct sunlight, but in the winter months sunlight isn't always an option!


Collagen and Gelatin are both commonly used supplements for joints, despite the evidence being mixed. However, I do know that when I mix up some Bulletproof Collagelatin into tea, or use it to make a recovery jello along with Raspberry Lemon Natural Calm and some Concentrace Minerals, I tend to feel less beat up over long periods of time. 



The truth about intense training is that it is a fine line between being something that builds your immune system or something that tears it down. Luckily, there are many products that help me recovery quickly so that I can stay on top of my game.


Chaga Mushroom Elixir

The Chaga mushroom is an absolutely essential component to my routine. Really, mushrooms are in general. I highly encourage you to visit Foursigmatic by using the button below and check out the Mushroom Academy, I practically guarantee you'll find something worth trying. 

But Chaga is particularly useful for post workout days when I am starting to feel particularly run down, for example, after a 20 mile run. Cordyceps is a great option as well, but I tend to use that when I need an afternoon pick me up. Chaga, on the other hand, is great right before that post long run nap.



Vitamin C and Zinc are among two of the most commonly used home remedies, and Onnit has combined them with other powerful ingredients like Selenium and L-Lysine that play major roles in optimizing the body.  


Total Gut Health

The craziest thing I have come to learn over the last few years is how much of our immune system lives in our gut. In general I try to make sure I am eating a good balance of acidic and basic foods, along with some good probiotics in things like Kombucha, yogurts, and pickles. But sometimes I fall off a bit and need to hit the reset button, and that is where Onnit Total Gut Health comes in. 

Right now I am testing using it during my recovery cycles. I am still pretty young, so I cycle 3 weeks of increasing intensity with one recovery week. So far, so good! 


The solution to working out on the go - EPIC WIPES:

Epic Wipes are an absolute necessity when I am working out on the go; biking from a trail or running on a dirt road, basically if I have to get in my car after sweating, I am using Epic Wipes. 

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to work hard and smell good!