5 Supplements I Take Every Single Day



This has single handedly become the most important part of my injury-proof routine. Upon recommendation from one of my friends in the professionally running community, I started taking a scoop of Bulletproof Collagen in my morning coffee. Not only does it provide a solid protein boost to my morning coffee, but it feels like someone has taken a can of WD40 to my joints! I now put a scoop in my morning coffee and have one before my second workout of the day in water. I suggest either Bulletproof or Vital Proteins (this is what I use in my water because it comes in different individual flavor packs). Try it and let me know what you think!

Fish Oil

Omega Threes are essential for recovery and overall health. Large training loads can contribute to excessive inflammation, so it is important to combat it with natural remedies. I try to eat Salmon once a week, but I personally don’t love the taste of fish (unless of course they are beer battered in some tacos!). Heart health is vital for long term consistency and performance, so not a day goes by when I don’t get this in. I suggest this one from Bulletproof.

Calcium & Vitamin D

Knock on wood the one injury I’ve never had is a stress fracture, but even still I take this combination every other day. Vitamin D helps the absorption of calcium in the body and is often used as a homeopathic mood booster during winter months when the sun doesn’t shine as much. The reason I take it every other day is because I alternate it with Iron, which competes with Calcium for absorption. I suggest this one from Garden of Life.

Iron and Vitamin C

This is another combination that can’t be overlooked. Vitamin C is a known antioxidant, combating all the free radicals we create during heavy amounts of training stress. It also helps increase the absorption of Iron. Iron is important because it is what transports oxygen to muscles in our blood. Low levels of iron (a very basic definition of anemia) is a common performance problem for runners and females especially. Running is a high impact activity that literally pops tiny blood vessels in the feet, leading to a loss of iron. Females have a time once a month where they lose iron through their period. This can be remedied with a steady diet that includes things like spinach, kale, red meats, etc. However, as a person who is conscious of cholesterol, I try not to eat as much meat as I did when I was 18. As mentioned above, I alternate this with calcium due to absorption but also because it is possible to have TOO MUCH iron. Ideally, you get a blood periodically throughout the year so you can notice where your levels go with different diets and volumes of training.


Inflammation is prevalent everywhere in endurance athletes, but unfortunately taking over the counter NSAIDs can cause stomach and/or kidney issues. Turmeric is a natural spice that I put in a lot of recipes but also take in capsule form that is commonly taken for its powerful anti-inflammatory ability. I take this one from Thorne.

Griffin Jaworski