Train Smart and Run Forever with Bill Pierce and Scott Murr

I want to flashback to my childhood. I was always and odd duck. When all the other guys in my grade were sneaking into their mailbox to grab the sports illustrated swimsuit edition, I was scouring the latest issue of Runner's World (granted, we didn't subscribe to sports illustrated, but still). I was constantly searching for tactics and techniques, trying to find something I could implement into my training. So, when I got an email from Runner's World them asking if I would interview Bill Pierce and Scott Murr for their new book, the answer was a resounding YES. 

When I got a copy of the book I realized how great this opportunity truly was. Bill Pierce and Scott Murr are fantastic runners and just overall human beings. People often say coaching is both an art and a science, and if that is true then consider Bill and Scott renaissance men. Their book is about running as you age, which is something that basically everyone would love to know how to do. Unfortunately, most conventional training plans don't take into account the physical and mental demands of a 20 mile training run or racing multiple Marathons have on the masters athlete. However, through their analysis of road races results, their clinics at FIRST, the Furman institute of Running and Scientific Training, and their own experimentation while training, they have come up with a simple but powerful new way to address these common issues. Thankfully, this knowledge is distilled into practical tips in their new book!

If you find this book fascinating, two other great options are below! 

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Griffin Jaworski