Stan Pietkiewicz on Confidence, Hunger, and Humility

Stan Pietkiewicz may very well be the proverbial "Stan the Man". 

Stan was collegiate standout for Auburn University and a former NBA player.  One of the cool things about Stan is that this success came from an incredible work ethic, partially inspired by his family and partially inspired by legends like Pistol Pete. Now, Stan wasn't the LeBron of his day. In fact, he almost wasn't drafted, being picked up by the Clippers in the 7th round, which doesn't even exist any more. Nevertheless, his hunger and dedication on and off the court helped him make the team, something people assumed he couldn't do. He also played for the Dallas Mavericks and then a few years overseas as well. But the reason I wanted to interview Stan wasn't his dominance on the basketball court, it was his perspective. He is just one of those people that actually walks the walk.

Stan is particularly interesting for a few reasons, one of those being that he is one of the few players that has done better for himself after retiring from professional basketball, which is something we talk about in this episode. You can tell that he has a drive and hunger to succeed, but i think what really resonates with me in this interview is his drive and hunger to help other people succeed. We talk about how he approaches coaching his high school athletes and his involvement in Elevate Orlando. Elevate is an incredible project because of the people like Stan that are determined to give back to the community. If you aren't familiar with Amazon Smile (search for Elevate Orlando) it is basically Amazon's way of helping people give back by giving them a small percentage of your regular purchases, it doesn't cost you anything extra, you just select which non-profit group gets the benefit.

This episode is brought to you by, well, me. Like Stan I have really found a passion for my craft, but now I want to share that with other people because lets face it, most people think running is either incredibly boring, incredibly difficult, or both. I have spent the better part of the last 9 years pouring over training methodologies and experimenting with my own. Even in high school I was more like half-athlete half-coach. Now, I am starting to funnel all of that into training plans. I've studied everything from the Mile to the Marathon and eventually I will include triathlon training up to the Ironman distance. You can click the link in the Shop page or click here.

I hope something Stan says inspires you to take action toward and work just that extra bit harder for your goals. 

Check Out Elevate Orlando or support them through Amazon Smile (again, search for Elevate Orlando to help a great cause at no extra cost).

To your success,



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