Fresh Fit 'N Healthy with Sarah Grace Spann

In 2010, I stood by the fence at of the Florida State Cross Country Championships watching as "the girl in white" trucked up the hill at the Little Everglades course with her competitors almost nowhere to be seen. It was a dominating performance and display of confidence, especially for a girl who was relatively unknown at the time. But soon everyone knew the name of Sarah Grace Spann "the runner". But despite her success on the cross country course, Sarah Grace decided to walk away from her collegiate career. Instead, she started up a healthy recipe blog called Fresh Fit N Healthy and started posting delicious recipes on Instagram. She was a runner at the University of Florida, which is in the SEC along with my alma mater Auburn University, so this was definitely news to our team and my wife (who also ran for Auburn) and I became some of her first Instagram followers. 

Flash forward four years and Sarah Grace Spann is a force to be reckoned with in the fitness industry. Her blog has grown into a business and her Instagram account has garnered over 88 THOUSAND followers! While earning her Master's degree in Sports Nutrition she has been able to work with professional organizations like the Minnesota Twins and the Atlanta Falcons, and her blog and recipes have been featured through mediums like Buzzfeed and cooking light as well as Quest Nutrition. 

Of course, my mission is to gain insights from performance experts and Sarah definitely fits the bill for that, but one of the main reasons I wanted to interview her was because a few years back she started sharing her story of how she struggled with an eating disorder early on in High School. In fact she has written a book about it and just started a series on Florida Runners. I think it is awesome that we have people like Sarah that are willing to share their struggles and their flaws, because it is easy to admit that we are generally flawed, but it takes a lot of strength to admit to others and even to yourself that you a struggling with something or that you need help. I will be helping coach a local High School Girls Cross Country team in the fall, so Sarah shares her story and the specific thing her mother told her to do that helped her regain not only her strength but also her confidence. 

I am still debating on how much of the entrepreneurial side I want to cover in this podcast, I mostly ask people for selfish reasons since I still have a lot to learn, but funnily enough Sarah and I have a lot of the same inspirations so we shift gears and talk about the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. 

Some of the people we talk about and the books that we have furiously taken notes are below:

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