Believe in the Process with Ro McGettigan Dumas

Happy New Year Everyone! 

All of my guests so far have mentioned the incredible power of goal setting, and with New Years just around the corner I wanted to do something special. That's why my guest today is Ro McGettigan Dumas. 

Ro has not only competed at the highest level, but she has also co-created (alongside Lauren Fleshman) my favorite set of training journals called the Believe and the Compete!  

In this episode, Ro shares her story from her beginning in Wicklow, Ireland all the way to the 2008 Olympics, where she competed for Ireland in the 3k steeple.  

Hearing her tell her story with such honesty was incredibly captivating. She goes over how difficult it was to transition to professional running out of college, especially since she didn't have a sponsorship from a shoe company!  Plus, her description of what it was truly like those 48 hours of competition at the Olympics after 30 years of training really gives us a perspective on why focusing on the process is so important. 

From there we transitioned to her new work as a sports psychologist through her company Beleive I Am (they sell the training journals and awesome t-shirts as well). We go over the biggest issue her athletes have and how she helps them overcome it.  

We also discuss why she and Lauren Fleshman teamed up to create the journals, the benefits of using one, and the differences between them and your average training log.

Of particular interest was our discussion on the rise of entrepreneurship in distance running, and this got me thinking that there might be other people like Ro who can share their story on the podcast as well. If you fit the bill, fill out the application here

I hope you enjoy this one! Be sure to snag some training journals here at Amazon, Believe I Am, or Picky Bars, and get one for family and friends too so that you can all work together and keep each other accountable. 

Have a wonderful  New Years,