Bart Yasso on the Power of Racing

Bart Yasso is a living legend in the running community. Others have affectionately named him "the mayor of running" and he holds the title Chief Running Officer at Runner's World Magazine. But despite his successes, Bart had an "inauspicious start" to running, just like most of us do. 

In this episode, Bart and I go over his new book Race Everything: How to Conquer Any Race at Any Distance in Any Environment and Have Fun Doing It, where Bart shares his story and his experiences in every distance from the 5k to the Ultra Marathon. The book is basically an inside scoop to physically, mentally, and logistically preparing for some of the best races around the world.

This was an incredibly fun interview to record because Bart not only talks about his story, but also the many inspiring stories of the runners he has had a chance to connect with in his 30 years at Runner's World!



Check out his books using the links below:

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