Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano on Running and Living on the Edge

Welcome back to another episode of Sweat Equity Radio. I start off by going on a little tangent about cancer. Let's face it, cancer sucks, and it has gotten to the point where there is not a single person I know that hasn't been affected by it in some way or another. Fortunately, one of my favorite companies - Foursigmatic - gives a ton of their super powerful medicinal mushrooms to cancer patients when you buy their products. It is a great way to support your own health while supporting the health of others! Plus you get 10% off with code 'sweatequity'. However, there is also a fantastic Bonus Option: Help me shave my wife's head! No joke. Every year her medical school partners with St. Baldrick'san amazing organization that supports childhood cancer research. Her goal is to raise $10,000, and if she hits said goal, she is shaving her head. 

This conversation was one of my favorites because it really dives into one of my favorite questions - what does it mean to make the most out of life? - and stays there for a majority of the episode.

Adam and Tim ran for Colorado University under the expertise of Mark Wetmore. Adam is a few years younger than Tim and was a key part of the legendary Running With The Buffaloes team. He went on to have a pretty successful professional career, but as he mentions in the episode, there were a lot of ups and downs. On the other hand Tim, despite being one of the best collegiate teams in the nation, had a chat with Coach Wetmore about his future in the sport of running that really set in motion the premise of their book, Running the Edgeand Tim shares that conversation in the episode. 

We talk about the concepts of mediocrity, getting as close to your potential as you possibly can, finding the line between tough and stupid, the most inspiring scene from Once A Runnerand the Distance Maven and Stotan. 

The Stotan is a mix of Spartan and Stoic, coined by Percy Cerutty. When I was digging through the old training journals I came across Fred Wilts How They Train. He discusses Percy Cerutty at length because he coached a host of legendary runners, and because he was controversial. He admitted others knew more about training, but he was concerned with "philosophy of racing and life." The Stotans therefore challenged themselves in a myriad of ways, such as:

  • Run 5 miles
  • Walk 25 miles
  • Fast for 24 hours
  • Cycle 100 miles
  • Swim 100 yards in Winter
  • Climb 5000 ft mountains
  • Lift up to 150 pounds

Adam and Tim are also huge fans of challenges, and there are many examples in the book and the episode, but they also have where they host the Amerithon and Run the Year 2017 Challenge. Those are year long challenges that come with mini-monthly challenges built right in!

What are some ways you are going to challenge yourself? I am working on a year long manifesto of challenges, so if you want some ideas then subscribe to the Newsletter! I also send out a weekly 'Friday Favorites' with all the cool things I find during the week! 

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Griffin Jaworski