The Elite Athlete's Mindset with 2x Olympian Amy Rudolph Carroll

My guest today is a personal hero of mine. Not only has she achieved monumental feats on the track, but her mindset and attitude is just incredibly inspiring. Her name is Amy Rudolph Carroll and she is a two time Olympian and former American Record holder in the 5km, with a PR of 14:56. She and her husband have the second fastest Mile PR average of married couples in human history (they average 4:09 by the way, so just let that sink in). She won multiple NCAA and US Championships in distance events across the board and competed all over the world, so being able to hear her perspective was amazing. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Amy got started in running
  • What it takes to navigate a relationship with two people competing and achieving at a high level
  • The importance of mentality in distance running, as well as Amy's particular mental preparation before big races
  • Different ways Amy is still involved in the sport and why she loves working with groups like Zap Fitness

We also talk about some pretty deep things like:

  • Why distance runners, especially women can establish a bad relationship with food and with weight, and how Amy was able to manage that during her career (and how Shalane Flanagan is changing the game)
  • How difficult it was to transition from elite racing to being a "normal person", and how Amy was able to overcome it
  • And probably my favorite story was how her parents reacted when she told them she was going to be a professional runner after graduating from college

I got a lot out of this episode, so I hope you guys enjoy it! I have linked up to all the things we talked about and some stuff that you might find interesting!


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Let me know what you think! What stood out to you the most? What was the most inspiring thing Amy said? 

If you have any ideas for future guests, I'd love to hear them so just send me an email over in the contact section!

To Your Success,

Griffin Jaworski