Coach's Corner

I fully believe a coach should be in the trenches with their athletes so they continue gaining experience and lead by example. Browse my training philosophies (including the key metrics I pay attention to in my own training), training and racing reports, and the PDFs I have developed to help eliminate the guesswork when it comes to day to day preparations. You can also join our club on Strava!  


Contributed Content

While I'm fairly well versed in the world of performance, I readily admit that I am not an expert in everything. But instead of trying to learn everything about everything, I have decided to parter with some of the people I regard as top performers and professionals to provide you with their expertise. This is also a space where my current athlete's can share their race reports and lessons they've learned along the way in their own words. We all have a very different journey, especially when it comes to athletics, so there is something to be learned from everyone.