Built for athletes that put a huge emphasis on their athletic performance. This plan is ideal for athletes chasing Qualification standards like Boston or Kona, as well as athletes with demanding careers and lifestyles.


Price: $100/month (3 month minimum)

Purposeful Training

While they may have started training for one reason or another, Executive level athletes love to COMPETE. As such, the training in this plan is geared for that purpose. Whether it is an age-grouper chasing a Qualification standard like Boston or Kona, an emerging elite going after a podium finish, this plan is laser focused in on the details that will help get you there. 

Who is this plan for?

This plan is built for athletes with the following characteristics:

  • Athletes who care deeply about their athletic performances and fully committed to achieving their goals

  • Athletes with lifestyles and careers that require day-by-day attention to detail

  • Athletes who have goals that extend beyond the current year

  • Athletes who want to push themselves while fortifying themselves against injury

Plan Structure

Welcome Call - Establish goals, standards, and expectations for the athlete-coach relationship.

Plan Development - Your Annual Training Plan is structured with regards to: 

  • Upcoming Races with a focus on your A Race

  • Previous training and ability level

  • Lifestyle integration and training enjoyment

  • Functional Strength and Sport Specificity

  • Your Individual Intensity Zones (HR, RPE, & Power)

  • Your Long Term goals: athletes with goals outside the next 12 months should take those into consideration

Training plans will be updated bi-weekly to reflect:

  •  Quantitative feedback measured through TrainingPeaks (Training Stress, Fatigue, and Fitness) 

  • Qualitative feedback in the Weekly Consultations and post-workout notes 

Mindset and Mentality (M+M) tracking: monitoring variables like sleep, energy levels, mentality, and motivation: This weekly self-assessment is designed to keep you on track and focused on the little things. It is not enough to work hard any more, in fact, the top spot in endurance sports typically goes to those who can recover the fastest while maintaining a high volume and intensity, not those with the highest volume and intensity. 

+ Race Planning and Strategy Sessions within 2 weeks of Key Races: Most pros will tell you that race day is almost 90% mental and it couldn't be more true. But mental preparation is more than just knowing you've done the training. It is knowing the logistics of travel, check-in, the ins-and-outs of the race course, weather conditions, etc. It is erasing as much unnecessary stress as possible before race morning. Mapping out a race strategy that plays to your individual strengths is an often overlooked part of the plan but can be the difference between a strong performance and a panic attack in the face of adversity. Rarely do races go as planned but going over the controllable and non-controllables before the race, as well as affirming where your strengths are will build confidence that can snowball as the race plays out and you handle each game-time decision with poise.

Communication - The primary means of communication are:

  • TrainingPeaks Premium Account (included in cost)

    • Online + application access

    • Daily emails with workouts and objectives

  • 15 min Weekly Consultations + 1 Monthly 30 min Full Overview

    • Review last week's training and upcoming weeks training

    • Discuss progress towards goals, previous month's training, fill out monthly assessment

  • Unlimited Email and Text

  • Submit questions for answer in a blog post or podcast (your fellow teammates may have the same questions!)

Community - We care about our athletes and want to see them succeed both on and off the course. Join our community!

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  • Check out our Community Race Calendar so you can join your fellow teammates or cheer them on

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+ Ability to submit articles like race reviews on the contributed content section of the blog