Get a customized Training Plan built just for you.

A customized training plan is constructed to fit your schedule and lifestyle. For most athletes, a pre-written training plan can be a great start but often lacks the flexibility or adaptability necessary for modern life. Travel, vacation, training availability, and individual preferences are all factors that make a customized training plan far more beneficial. These athletes are typically self sufficient and stay on track without external accountability. 


Price: $199 (Up to 24 week plan)

Who is a customized plan for?

  • Athletes who care deeply about their athletic performances and are committed to achieving their goals

  • Athletes with lifestyles and careers that require an individual approach

  • Athletes with a unique training history: fragile athletes (frequently injured or ill), athletes with discrepancies between strengths and weaknesses (especially triathletes)

  • Athletes who found limited success in pre-written plans but can't commit to One-One Coaching yet

Plan Structure

Consultation - A 60 minute call that establishes goals, current training (frequency, intensity, ability), "A" race, past results, set up Training Peaks account, and collect relevant information needed to formulate a training plan.

Plan Construction - Your Annual Training Plan is structured with regards to: 

  • Upcoming races with a focus on your "A" Race

  • Previous training and ability level

  • Fundamentals: Endurance, Strength, Mobility, Nutrition, Mindset

  • Your individual intensity zones (Power, Pace, HR, RPE)

Customized Training plans will not be updated. 

However, using Training Peaks gives you the option to attach to a coach, who can then analyze the workouts by focusing on the following: 

  • Quantitative feedback measured through smart training devices and TrainingPeaks (Training Stress, Fatigue, and Fitness) 

  • Qualitative feedback in the Weekly Consultations and post-workout notes 

+ Bonus: "A" Race Strategy Session is available as an additional 30 minute consultation 2 weeks out from "A" race. It will be built into plan on Training Peaks should you choose to use it, free of charge.

Communication - Should simple questions arise from the training plan (simple meaning 1 paragraph response or less), email is the best option and I typically respond within 24 hours. Delivery of the plan will include a handful of athlete resources will be made available to refer to throughout training. If you are consistently curious and want more feedback, consider making the investment in One-One Coaching.

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