How to automatically sync your Garmin data to TrainingPeaks

Save time and decrease frustration by automatically syncing your Garmin data to TrainingPeaks so that you and your coach can analyze it immediately. 

  1. Sign in to Training Peaks at 
  2. Go to and make sure you are still signed in (name will appear in top right corner)
  3. Check box Sync all past activity
  4. Click Connect Your Accounts Now
  5. Click Authorize
  6. Sign in to Garmin Connect 
  7. Go for a test run (or ride/swim)
  8. Sync your Garmin watch with Garmin Connect on your phone
  9. Check your Training Peaks to make sure your test run is visible on your Training Peaks Calendar

Coach’s Corner Tip:

Recommended Garmin watches and accessories are different for each sport and each person. As a coach, I look at both the quantitative side from the Garmin data and Training Peaks algorithms, as well as the qualitative side during weekly consultations with my athletes. Both sides have strong indicators for each other, so it is important to capture as much data as reasonably possible.

Below are my most basic recommendations for each level race. For people looking to improve on their times rather than just to finish I recommend using a HR monitor and a power meter if you are a triathlete, especially an Iron-distance triathlete. TrainingPeaks has some incredibly powerful analytical tools, so the more data the more equipped you are to accurately adjust your training.

Griffin Jaworski