Advisory Board

While my goal as a coach is to be as knowledgable as possible with regards to helping you reach your athletic potential, I recognize that there is always more to learn. Luckily, I have an amazing Advisory Board that consists of performance experts and high achieving individuals that I often turn to for advice. Scroll through below to find out more about these awesome people or check out the contributed content section of the blog for more in depth topic discussions.


Loran Storts

After 20 years in corporate America, Loran Storts decided it was time to follow his passion: athletics. Nearly 10 years later that decision has changed not only his life, but countless others, as he inspires his athletes to take on new challenges and have some fun along the way. Of the things Loran has taught me the importance of, accountability is among the most important, which is why he is still my coach in spite of the fact that I coach other people. 


Ro McGettigan-Dumas

Mindset is one of the most fundamentally important, and often overlooked, aspects of endurance sports. For that reason, I have teamed up with Ro to bring a fresh take on mindset that comes from not only a sports psychologist, but an Olympian as well. After leaving college without a major contract, Ro used her knowledge about training and mindset and ultimately competed for Ireland in the Olympic Steeplechase. Since then, her focus has been on helping others break through their barriers and reach that next level of athletic performance. 


Sarah Grace Spann

As a former collegiate athlete with a Master's in Sports Nutrition Sarah Grace is a force to be reckoned with. Her personal health and fitness blog has boomed in the last five years into a thriving business. Her combination of inspirational content and delicious recipes are sure to provide value to everyone. Sarah is super busy launching the next phase of her business soon but will hopefully be dropping in to share some awesome recipes designed for us extreme endurance athletes! 


Jamie Lynch

Despite a full time job as a Nurse Practitioner in one of central Florida's premier Cardio clinics, Jamie has completed and coached dozens of Iron Distance Triathletes and Marathoners. After being coached by the legendary Gordo Bryn and his own athletic and coaching experience, Jamie is a excellent source of information when it comes to extreme endurance events. 


Leslie Lynch

As a massage therapist whose husband trains like a madman, Leslie has learned a thing or two about how to help the body repair from the physical toll a large training volume. From massage to EFT to essential oils, Leslie is a wealth of knowledge and support when it comes to the rest and recovery side of endurance sports.


Reed Fischer

As the Drake University school record holder in the 3k and 5k and NCAA All-American, Reed is a fantastic role model for consistency and keeping the fun in athletics even at a high level. Plus, his insight into the world of professional running will offer a unique outlook on the sport.