Commit to becoming your best.

One - One Coaching is a commitment to yourself. Having a coach can simplify and accelerate the process of achieving your goals, as well as provide a variety of other benefits.


Price: $50/month (3 month minimum)

How can I help you achieve your goals? 

  • Develop a customized and precise training plan that prepares you to perform your best at your "A" race

  • Provide ongoing accountability and consultation to keep you on target and understand the purpose of the training sessions

  • Help you avoid the potential land mines of training: too much too soon, lack of core strength, lack of mobility

  • Offer a unique perspective that emphasizes mastering your mindset and integrating training into your lifestyle 

  • Send occasional educational resources written by myself or others if they are potentially beneficial or of interest to the athlete 


Sound great? Put it into action!

One-One Coaching Structure

Application process -  Online form and 15 minute conversation about your goals and needs as an athlete. 

Welcome Call - Establish one-one connection, standards, and expectations for the athlete-coach relationship. Great opportunity to set up Training Peaks Premium Account.

Plan Development - Your Annual Training Plan is structured with regards to: 

  • The fundamentals: endurance, strength, mobility, nutrition, and mindset

  • Your race schedule, with a focus on your "A" race

  • Your individual training zones (Power, Pace, HR, RPE) 

  • Work and travel schedule 

  • Training enjoyment and lifestyle integration

  • Adjustments for other life circumstances

Training plans will be updated bi-weekly to reflect:

  •  Quantitative feedback measured through Training Peaks (Key Workouts Analysis, Training Stress, Fatigue, and Fitness) 

  • Qualitative feedback in the weekly calls and post-workout comments

Communication - The primary means of communication are:

  • Daily workouts emailed from Training Peaks

  • Post workout comments on Training Peaks

  • Weekly accountability calls: discuss last weeks and upcoming week, answer any questions

  • Email and Text Support

Community - We care about our athletes and want to see them succeed both on and off the course. Join our community!

  • Join our Strava Club so we can give each other Kudos for your training efforts

  • Check out our Community Race Calendar so you can join your fellow teammates or cheer them on

  • Subscribe to the Sweat Equity Radio Podcast

  • Connect with us on social media so we can cheer you on!